A: I am a life-long metal brace resistor.  Long before I even considered a career in dentistry, back when I was pretty sure I would become a professional racing driver or a Transformer, I gave my parents a very hard time when the orthodontist suggested gluing metal to my teeth to correct a few years of thumb sucking.  The compromise reached was a removable retainer that was still half metal and, well, sort of corrected my bite.   If only the computers back in those days were not the clunky tape-driven lumps that had the programming power of a modern car key.  Because with today’s technology we now have to ability to create thin clear removable appliances that correct misaligned teeth predictably and efficiently.  The system I provide at the office is called Invisalign and is a wonder of the modern world.  A new set of aligners is worn every two weeks.  These aligners are taken out when you eat and clean your teeth, but worn the rest of the time.  The aligners are nearly invisible (hence the name) and the comfort they provide over metal and brackets in undeniable.  Most people will not notice you are in treatment until the realise how much better looking you have gotten over the course of a few months.   Thirty years after my trip to the orthodontist I am currently in Invisalign myself and could not be happier.  If you want to learn more about Invisalign, contact the office and we would be happy to show you what it is all about.