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Q: I brush my teeth everyday, so why do I still get cavities?

A: Tooth decay occurs when food debris and bacteria have a friendly get-together on a tooth’s surface for a prolonged period of time.  It does not happen instantaneously, so removing food and plaque quickly is effective for prevention.  When someones tells me they brush daily, I know it could mean anything from sticking a toothbrush in their mouth for 10 seconds every morning or brushing thoroughly for 2 minutes after breakfast and before bed.  You can probably guess which method is more effective!  A full 24 hours of co-mingling bacteria and food is time enough for those acid-spewing microbes to erode enamel and make a cozy-little hideout for future feasts.  And a quickie brush, one that might miss some areas, will mean the bacteria and food-fuel will extend the party 48, 72 hours or more.  So take your time and brush thoroughly twice a day. It is the first (but not only) step to a clear check-up.  The other steps?  The next one is a word that begins with ‘F’.  Can you guess what it is?  I’ll explain more next time.

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Dr. Young holds the degree of Doctor of Dental Surgery from The University of Western Ontario. He can be found most days practicing General and Family Dentistry in Georgetown Ontario.